Head Contracts-Legal

Financial Services

AVP/DVP – Head Contracts – Legal (Non-Litigation)

Job Responsibilities:

– To anticipate and manage the (legal) risks connected with or resulting from the business strategy and operations.

– To secure compliance of business operations with relevant laws and regulations.

– To proactively create and maintain awareness of business employees for (compliance with) relevant laws and regulations.

– Drafting, vetting, negotiating, and finalizing agreements, coordinating with Business Partners in connection with the business.

– Regularly draft and review legal documents and recommend suggestions

– Pursue all litigations, arbitration, civil courts, legal matters, lawsuits, dispute resolutions, copyrights and patenting matters from inception to execution as may be assigned

– Send, receive, and respond to legal notices and warrants after due diligence and investigation

– Track and inform concerned departments regarding prevailing and changing in regulations, corporate governance, liabilities, etc

– Facilitate necessary assistance for the teams through guidance on the legal position

– Minimize the Company’s legal risks by ensuring timely and adequate legal provisions

– Ensure proper custody of legal records

– Innovate using past knowledge and experience ways to optimize legal efficiency and output

– Ensure the fastest and most economical methods of completing the varied legal tasks assigned

– Maintain legal dashboard, work repository and past records of all legal matters pursued

– Pursue HR-related regulation, charter party agreement, HM/PI Insurance regulations

Education Qualification – LLM in Any Specialization /LLB in Any Specialization

Experience – 10 – 15 years

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