Kakkathuruthu Island, A Must Watch Place

The view of the setting sun at Kakkathuruth is one of the must-see sights in the world. But there are no creative plans to take advantage of this beautiful sight. Kakkathuruthu is a small island in the Kaithapuzha lake in the 9th ward of Ezhupunna panchayat in Aroor constituency.

216 families live on a small island about 3 km long and 2 km wide located on the Kaithapuzha Lake. Kakkathuruth, which can only be relied on by ferry, is located in the scenic beauty of the corridors, aquaculture centres, adjoining fields and coconut groves.

Kakkathuruthu Island

Boating around the island also offers endless possibilities for backwater tourism. But the authorities continue to neglect to implement the basic development that will benefit the islanders in Kakkathuruth. The only way to reach Kakathuruth is by boat. It is very difficult to reach here even during the monsoons and the lake is full of silt. The Government Ayurveda Clinic, Anganwadi and three small tea shops are located here

People in Kakkathuruthu can’t even go to the hospital because t’s very difficult. The need for a strong boundary around the island is being ignored and flooding of coastal families during high tide is also a major threat. Construction of the bridge to Kakkathuruthu has started but the construction of the bridge was halted due to obstructions in handing over the land. Only the pillars of the bridge remain.

Private tourist spots and boat rides have been started due to the potential for tourism. Islanders Infrastructure needs to be greatly enhanced. Being an island, no one is willing to take on contracts for many of the government’s construction activities. The District Collector has intervened and started the process of land acquisition to avoid delays in the construction of the bridge.