dont keep sanitiser in car

Keeping the Sanitizer in the car is not a Good Idea

It was during the colonial era that people became aware of the importance of handing people over. There were a lot of videos that showed that you wash your hands with soap for twenty seconds. Hand sanitizers are often kept in the car, as they can often be sterilized on soap or during travel. But experts say this should not be the case.

Dr. Greg Boyce an associate professor at Florida Gold Ghost University, says the car is one of the best places to not have a sanitizer. According to Greg Boyce. Greg points out that the hot air inside the car evaporates the alcohol content in the sanitizer.

Temperatures in car-like vehicles can quickly rise, especially when parked in areas where direct sunlight is available. He says that evaporating the alcohol before it destroys viruses and bacteria will not yield the desired results. Gregg says the warmth of the sanitizer can cause irritation to the skin.