Kilometers & Kilometers Movie Review

Rating: 3.5/5

The Plot:

After being in heavy debt, Josemon, who does a wide range of occupations to deal with his family, is compelled to sell his Bullet cruiser, which he loves the most. Notwithstanding, not long before the deal he is entrusted with indicating an American traveller, Katherine Stevens, around India on his Bullet for an instalment. The ride changes both their lives.


In one of the scenes in Kilometers and Kilometers where the film’s heroes Josemon (Tovino Thomas) and Katherine Stevens (India Jarvis) are at a center, Josemon discloses to her that he picked the specific clinical office on the grounds that there aren’t prescriptions or mortars in the administration clinic. “No drugs in an administration emergency clinic?” shouts the US vacationer Katherine, before arriving at the resolution, “Goodness, that is the reason every one of your minsters go to the US for treatment.” In another scene, Katherine and Josemon are trapped in rush hour gridlock as fans pour milk over a monstrous cutout, while a little kid asks for cash. Katherine watches, “He’s asking while they are squandering milk.”

Kilometers and Kilometers, which is scripted and coordinated by Jeo Baby, is loaded up with such references, wrapped and conveyed through humor. The content makes you chuckle and think simultaneously, and it helps that its characters are very charming.


Tovino’s exhibition as Josemon offers a few shades of his character as the guileless Ajayan from Oru Kuprasidha Payyan however he pulls off the parody and enthusiastic tracks well. There’s a specific scene where Josemon is demonstrated perusing a book named America’s Atrocities and he amusingly cites the vast majority of these at a significant defining moment in the film; it additionally features the partitions between the two societies that is likewise another angle the film contacts. India Jarvis too makes a splendid presentation with a true depiction as Katherine, who favors cash over connections lastly acknowledges what makes a difference most. She gets amiability to her character. Sidhartha Siva’s function as Sunny Joseph, a Rajasthani resident who spouts English sonnets may show up caricaturish from the start yet he also gets an amusing backstory. Joju George and Basil Joseph play their little parts well.

Kilometers and Kilometers is a windy family performer that has comedy, emotions and great music to keep you engaged all through.