Ponmagal Vandhal – Review

Tamil movie Ponmagal Vandhal featuring Jyothika as the central character Releases through Amazon Prime platform. The thriller, the film, which can be included in the emotional genre, tells the story of the fight for justice. Heroism, romance, comedy – all the usual ingredients for an average Tamil movie The golden agenda is to step aside.

The story is set in the shadow of a bunch of eye-catching and disturbing news stories. Jyothika comes on screen in two powerful roles – Venmba and Shakti Jyothi. The film is reinforced by a re-examination of the encounter cases of a Psycho murderer 15 years ago.

Thiagarajan who played the role of Varadarajan, a rich influential guy, Pardhipan as an expensive lawyer, and Rajaratnam as a judge role played by Prathap Pothan. While the plot and storytelling may not be very novel, the emotional expressions of Jyothika and the action-packed scenes of the court scene keep the viewer attached to the film.

Ponmagal Vandhal becomes relevant when violence against children and women is getting stronger every day. Criminal justice cannot be allowed to escape the punishment of wrongdoing.

The Ponmagal Vandhal on display at Amazon Prime were created by Jyothika and Surya under the banner of Vandal 2D Entertainment Time. Music by Govind Vasantha

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