Prithviraj Joins family After 14 days of Quarantine

Prithviraj returns home after completing 14 days long quarantine. The actor shared the news with his wife Supriya and his daughter Alankritha in a caption titled ‘Reunited’. The actor returned home after ending the quarantine with the results of the second Covid test, which was performed 14 days later.

The star shared the results of the COVID Test, which was conducted on his Facebook page yesterday. If the test result is negative, then return home only after completing the quarantine. ; Prithviraj said then. Prithviraj and the crew of Aadujeevitham Cinema are returning from Kerala on June 22. He then stayed at a hotel in Fort Kochi. The star’s Institutional Quarantine was completed on May 29. The star had previously announced he would be home quarantine next week. However, Prithviraj has decided to return home after spending his Quarantine days in another safe place.

meanwhile, COVID confirmed to one of the crew members that there were big concerns. Prithviraj and his team, who were on their way to Jordan to shoot “Aadujeevitham”, were trapped by covid. Meanwhile, major parts of the film were shot in Jordan. The team’s return was just after the completion of the Jordanian schedule.

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