Stone House in Anamudi Shola, Kerala

One of the Chola National Parks in Kerala is the Anamudi Shola in the heart of Munnar. The division is also responsible for the protection of Mathikettan Shola, Iravikulam National Park, Pampadum Shola, Chinnar Wildlife Sanctuary and Kurinjimala Wildlife Sanctuary.

Stone House in Anamudi Shola

After Munnar, proceed on Top Station Road. EcoPoint, Mattupetty Dam and Elephant Desert Come and enjoy the beautiful views of the Kundala Dam on a small boat called Shikara. Eight kilometres further through the forest. The only way to the elephant Stay. Arrive at Anamudi Shola in the afternoon before dusk. But you can enjoy the beauty of the area.

The highlight is the elephant stay at Anamudi Shola. Staying in the woods of the place offers a breathtaking experience. And there is the stone house. You may not have lived in such a place in Munnar. The most beautiful of the unknown Munnar. Between Kandallur and Kundala Dam is one of the five national parks in Kerala. The forest department has set up two houses adjacent to the jungle for the tourists. And then the Stone House. Both houses are on a small hill.

Stone House in Anamudi Shola

Reaching the Elephant Pass is almost like a Feel of the Jurassic Age. Because of the rich herbaceous palm trees of that era. The forest area of ​​Kerala is famous for its elephant forests.

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