WhatsApp, the world’s most popular social media app, continues to be widely protested against a new policy change. Mark Zuckerberg’s WhatsApp credibility is on the rise when signal acceptance is on the rise, according to a new report. Many people have installed the app in Musk’s single tweet called Use Signal. As Musk claims, these are the five features of a signal that emphasizes privacy.

One of the features that sets the signal apart is the screen lock system. Even if the phone is unlocked, the zip code and biometric lock are mandatory to open the signal app. For this reason, if the phone is in someone else’s possession, do not think of reading messages. The screen lock system is powered by the Toggle Screen Lock On option in Privacy in Settings.

Turn off joint notifications

The second feature that the signal puts forward is to turn off joint notifications. Switching a large number of people from WhatsApp to Signal can lead to piles of unwanted messages. To avoid this, Toggle Contact Joint Signal Off feature is set in the notification in the signal settings.

Toggle Blur Faces

No more fears that their faces will be shared on the Internet without the permission of others. The signal brings the option to blur the face. The app also has the option to blur along with the option to send photos. The signal gives the impression that confidential documents can be safely exchanged. This is supported by the Toggle Blur Faces option that comes with sending images.

St. Disappearing Messages

Fourth is the system called St. Disappearing Messages. This is a feature in Signal even before WhatsApp was introduced. Unread messages automatically disappear after a certain period of time. This system utilizes the option called Toggle Disappearing Message. The signal also has the option to set the time if required.

How long does an attachment last?

Fifth is how long an attachment can be viewed. Sending videos and non-conversational content can be viewed by the recipient at any time, days or months later, but only once. The uniqueness of this option is that they will disappear automatically when found.