Thallumaala Movie Review

Thallumaala (2022) Malayalam Movie Review

Thallumaala, keeping true to its title, is an action-packed movie starring Tovino Thomas, and directed by Khalid Rahman. This movie revolves around intermittent fight scenes that occur mostly in the movie, with no specific storyline. Fight scenes cover most of the scenes, sometimes it is because of some event that occurred at that moment, the rest are the continuation of previous fights. Still, the movie has earned certain positive responses from the viewers and the reason can be understood from scenes without fighting. Wasim (Tovino Thomas) is a popular celebrity and is attending a college function as the chief guest. The audience is welcoming him with cheers and admiration. Another guest who was giving a speech on the negative ways of the present generation didn’t like the welcome Wasim received and questioned whether he deserved it or not. He asked what contribution Wasim made to earn mad popularity like this. And this is where the story begins if you can call this a great story.

Wasim and his fans totally ignored the question and the plot opens with the actual reason for his sudden fame. It’s because of a fight scene made by the protagonist at his own wedding with a famous vlogger, Beepathu (Kalyani Priyadarshan). The video of him fighting became viral and that’s how he earned his celebrity status. There is nothing deep to think about here. The film basically questions the criteria set to become famous in a generation like this. If you consider the arrival of new celebrities in this current scenario, this is actually relatable. Daily new people are becoming famous from a reel or some reality shows and that’s not necessarily a bad thing, but one can always question whether they deserve a fan base like that for what they did. 

The movie gives priority to fist shows rather than any memorable acting or story. Wasim’s love story also begins with a fight! And the fighting is not just prone to Wasim, his friends are not too bad either. When the protagonist meets a police officer named Reji, played by Shine Tom Chacko, the story paces up with more fighting. This movie actually gave the stage to the fighting choreographer instead of its scriptwriters. If you’re a die-hard fan of action and don’t care if a valid plot is absent, then this movie is for you. But one thing is worth praising, the way the fighting scenes are captured. Even though the movie failed to give us a proper story, the action scenes are top-notch and professionally executed. 

But when the thrill of the fighting ends, you may wonder about the overall performance of the movie. You may question the experience this movie brought other than the action part. But for a one-time watch for action lovers, this movie has visuals worth experiencing. Overall this movie reflects a reel vibe and carries its uniqueness from its recent counterparts.

Rating: 3/5