Sri Padmanabha Swamy Temple

The Secrets of Sree Padmanabha Swamy Temple

Sack full of gold beads, gold coins, idols, crowns. Inside the vault of the Padmanabha Swamy Temple has invaluable assets. The temple has six cellars. When vault A was opened, even the inspectors were amazed to find jewellery and gems worth over Rs 90,000 crore. The secrets of the unopened B vault are still unknown. The Supreme Court has ruled that the governing body can decide whether to open B Vault, which is considered a secret vault. It is assumed that the assets are in the B Vault rather than in the A vault. According to Mathilakam records, the temple had a vault dating back to the 14th century.

A vault was opened in July 2011 by a court order. The treasure chest and secret chambers were found to astonish the man. The inspection team was puzzled by what numbers the treasure trove would calculate. Thousands of gold chains, jewelled gold crowns, gold rings, gold bars, a golden statue, the size of a sack full of rice, gold beads, sacks full of jewels. A treasure trove of evidence heard in the stories was revealed in front of the team.

What they saw in Vault A

A preliminary inspection of the entrance to the cellar showed no sign of anything significant. When the inspection team descended, they first saw dust and only black ground. As there was no air circulation, the fire force pumped air into the chamber. The entrance opens into a spacious room. There were large granite stones laid on the ground. When the heavy stone slabs were removed, only one person could be seen descending the stairs. It descends into the cavity where one can only stoop down. There was a treasure chest in a safe-made cellar.

A team of four engineers conducted a detailed inspection but found nothing. There was no ventilation inside the room. Those downstairs were only able to stay inside for a short time. He had to climb back in, breathless. 

More than 2,000 gold chains of gold were recovered from the room. The Sarappoli Mala is believed to have been dedicated to Lord Sri Padmanabha by other persons in the palace on special occasions such as birthdays. A sack full of Belgian gems was also recovered. Of the two thousand garlands, four are Sharapoli garlands, each weighing 2.2 kg. According to reports, they are 18 feet long. It is made of 12 threads. 

In its lockets are jewels and emeralds worth crores of rupees. According to a report submitted to the Supreme Court by a panel of experts says, 997 jewels in a locket, 19.5 lakh gold coins and 14,000 arca flowers in a locker.

The Secrets of Sri Padmanabha Swamy Temple

B Vault – The Chamber of Secrets

Here are various stories that snakes guard the vault and those who open the vault die. The panel of experts could not verify the cellar. Vault B was opened seven times between 1990 and 2002, according to Vinod Rai, a special auditor appointed by the Supreme Court. However, the Travancore royal family says that only the first chamber of the B cellar in the Sri Padmanabhaswamy Temple has been opened.

No one has yet said the chamber is not open. But beyond this chamber, there is a door. It is to be opened to the east. That door is not open. We do not know why, “said the current members of the travancore royal family

When ceremonies taking place in the temple, there will be an influx of Aawakana Shakti. It is a temple secret. Maybe that’s the secret of the B cellar. There are many secrets in the universe that we do not know – Aswati Thirunal Gauri Lakshmi Bai told the media at the time.