The World’s Largest Operational Bird Statue: Jatayupara

“Jatayupara” is initially perceived as a 200-foot-long, 70-foot-tall, and 150-foot-wide enormous monument. More significantly, with an inscription in the Guinness Book of World Records, this enormous concrete construction makes Kerala’s Jatayupara the largest operational statue of a bird in the entire world.

The large rock known as Jatayupara is located in a village close to the Kollam District. It is here that legend has it that Jatayu, the enormous vulture from the epic Ramayana, fell after being hurt by Ravana, who had abducted Goddess Sita. Many tourists come to this lovely location because it is abundant in natural beauty, where they may enjoy the splendor of exotic trees and the rocky hillock that has mythological significance.

The name of this hill comes from the mythical bird Jatayu, who is thought to have passed out on the rock after failing to save Sita from Ravana’s abduction. The mythology holds that the bird, who had a significant part to play in the epic Ramayana, breathed his final breath on this rock. Since then, this substantial rock has been given the bird Jatayu’s name. On top of this bedrock, there is a modest temple honouring Lord Ram. Some claim that it was also there when Lord Rama and his younger brother Lakshmana learned of the kidnapping of his wife Sita.

Jatayu Earth’s center

   The first significant BOT tourism in Kerala, India The Kerala Tourism Department, Mr. Rajiv Anchal, and private equity investors have collaborated for the first time to develop Jatayu Earths Center, a destination that is a singular fusion of all aspects of tourism and provides each visitor with a comprehensive experience of Kerala, God’s own Country. The idea was the creation of renowned film director, art director, and sculptor Mr. Rajiv Anchal, and it took his team ten years to methodically plan and finish this enormous project. The land owned by the government has been leased by Guruchandrika Builders and PropertyPvt.Ltd. for 30 years to construct and run Jatayu Earth’s Center.

The Statue

Built on a massive rock called Jatayupara, the enormous concrete statue of Jatayupara. With dimensions of 200 feet long, 150 feet broad, and 70 feet, the enormous statue qualifies as the largest operable bird sculpture in the world and is listed in the Guinness Book of World Records.


There are additional benefits for tourists to visit Jatayupara. For instance, the statue’s useful sculpture contains 15,000 square feet of utility space. There is an operational multi-dimensional mini-theatre inside the Jatayu sculpture’s wing. A 1.5 million liter rainwater reservoir with a location on the hilltop has been constructed. The integrated paintball station, which is dispersed across a beautiful green natural terrain, is one of Jatayupara’s distinguishing features.

The “Jatayupara” in Kerala is also a colossal ode to the environment, eco-friendly travel, and women’s security. It also represents a time in the past when all living things—birds, animals, and people—cared for one another and coexisted peacefully with the ecosystem of nature.