Bonacaud's Ghost Bungalow

 Bonacaud’s Ghost Bungalow – Haunted Place in Kerala

Bonacaud is a beautiful woman who sits quietly beneath the hills of Agasthya. In the jungle, there is a mysterious bungalow with scary and thrilling stories. Bonacaud’s Ghost Bungalow often visited by tourists, many people are not aware of the scenic beauty of the place. This is one of the best places for a one day trip to Thiruvananthapuram and surrounding areas.

 Bonacaud is around 40 km from Thiruvananthapuram. If you reach Thevi junction, take a detour from Ponmudi road. It is 13 km from Ponmudi Main Road. Travel along the narrow road, with stunning views of the Agastya Mountains. From Vithura, it is fifteen kilometres.

On the way to the top, there is a watchtower for viewing. On foggy days, one can see the Peppara Dam, the lush green hills, the Bonacaud estate factory and buildings. One has to travel through the jungle for 12 kilometres after the Bonacaud check post. The forest changes where the  Bonacaud’s Ghost Bungalow begins. The giant Christmas tree near the bungalow can be seen from far. This tree is a sign to understand the location of the bungalow.

The English people who arrived a century and a half ago started tea cultivation in the area. They planted tea leaves in 2500 acres of forest. Natives were the workers. The bungalow built in 1951 for an English estate manager to stay along with his family.

Later, the plantation and tea factory was locked down due to labour strikes. With that, the estate and leases began to be rendered useless. Today, this bungalow is just a skeleton of anti-social elements. The walls of the bungalow are enriched with leaven and scratches.

The bungalow is a modern-style building. Four spacious rooms. The bathrooms have amenities including bathtub. The floor is made of mosaic.

Bonacaud's Ghost Bungalow

The girl ghost inside the bungalow

Like any other deserted and abandoned place, there are many horror stories about this mysterious bungalow. The estate was owned by an English estate manager and family who lived in a bungalow called 25 GB. It was not long after the move, and his 13-year-old daughter was killed in mysterious circumstances so he returned back to London.

But the story goes that many who lived there later saw a little girl at the window. Many say she heard her screams and screams. The story goes that the girl’s soul still wanders there. There is also another story that a local girl who came here to collect firewood had got a ghost. The girl, who did not know how to read and write, immediately began to speak fluent English after leaving the bungalow. But the girl survived shortly thereafter.

Myth or Fact?

Most people, including locals, believe that there are many stories to be told, but none of them is true. The bungalow itself is a sight to behold, and to what extent anti-socialists are here. Most of the people say that they are just fabrications to distract others.

One of the most beautiful places in Kerala, which has not received much attention but looks to come back once again and is likely to be a great tourist spot in the future

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