Tips to keep healthy during the lockdown

a) Control Your Snack Intake

Cosying up on the sofa with a tub of your favourite flavour of Ben & Jerry’s is ok as a one-off. However, sugary treats like ice-cream, cake and custard are high in calories, and can easily add up throughout the day.

Instead, try introducing yourself to healthier snacks such as popcorn or low-fat yoghurt. Other low-calorie treats you can eat between meals include  a handful of nuts or two squares of dark chocolate.

b) Exercise Everyday

Just because your local gym or fitness centre is closed, doesn’t mean you can’t get moving indoors.

In fact, an upside of the lockdown is that it has revealed several innovative ways to get exercising at home and bring the gym to you.

Whether it is an online app or a virtual gym class, make use of technology and keep fit.

c) vitamin Rich Meals

If your local supermarket or street vendor has been limited in the number of fresh fruits and vegetables on offer – then frozen alternatives could do the trick.

Frozen foods retain their vitamins and minerals , and could, therefore, be a healthier and cheaper option to fresh products.

“Remember you can also avoid food waste by freezing leftovers from lunch or dinner, as long as you don’t reheat them more than once”.

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